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When there's a wrongful death, only an experienced attorney can get you all that you are entitled to receive under the law

The loss of a loved one is traumatic enough, but when it's caused by someone's negligence it can be even more damaging. So when you suspect there was a misdiagnosis, or medical malpractice, or nursing home neglect that caused the death of a loved one or family member, give us a call.


Since 1999, we've been providing passionate and skilled representation to clients. We keep you informed and we do everything we can to ensure you're on the receiving end of a victorious judgment or settlement.


We handle wrongful death cases covering:

  - Medical malpractice

  - Medical misdiagnosis

  - Nursing home negligence

Let's hear your side of the story! Call us today for a FREE 30-minute initial consultation so we can determine if you have a legitimate case and what your strategy should be. And we take many cases on a contingency basis, meaning you don't pay us if we don't win a settlement or judgment for you.

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When you have a wrongful death case, put our experience and skill on your side

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